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  • Announcing the 2018 North American Champtionship!

    San Juan 21 Fleet 43 invites all sailors from the San Juan 21 Family to participate in the 2018 North American Championship to be held July 19-21, 2018 at Coos Bay Yacht Club on Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon. Check out the Events page for all regatta and area information.

  • 2017 National Events - Check out the results!

  • 2016 National Events - Check out the results!

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  • SJ 21 Class Association Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
    We are now posting the minutes of the regular Class Association Executive Committee meetings - check them out!
  • Gene Adams

    Gene Adams at the 2009 Western Nationals

    Many of you know (or have heard) of Gene Adams. Gene is a long-time Fleet 1 member and, up until a couple of years ago, was a major parts dealer for SJ boats of all sizes. I started sailing about 8 or 9 years ago, hooked up with Gene at a regatta in Seattle, and have been crewing with him ever since, although we didn't get out much the last couple of years due to his health.

    Gene passed away April 19, 2015 having battled lung issues (as well as other health issues) for a number of months. He was one of the kindest, most patient people I've ever known, and was a great friend to me and many others in the sailing community both here and across the country. He had great stories about his many sailing adventures with the fleet and all over Puget Sound (he had owned larger boats as well) and was always willing to express his views on sailing strategy, boat maintenance and rigging, etc. in a kind and helpful way. His smile and demeanor were highly infectious and his enthusiasm for sailing made a huge difference in my life.

    All of us here in Seattle are saddened by his passing. I will miss him terribly.
    -Kris Barker

  • Constitution & By-Laws - New 2013 Versions
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    • Results of the 2013 Western National Championships.
    • Results of the 2011 Western National Championships.

San Juan 21 sailors are among the most active sailors in North America. Twenty-ones can be found on the rivers of the Midwest, on the lakes from Calgary, Alberta south to Texas, the coastal mountains, lakes, and shores of both the Pacific and Atlantic.

Three regions now make up the Association: West, Midwest, and East. Each represent well in Regional Championships held each year — and in the North American Championship which rotates through each region on a three year cycle and brings together San Juan 21 sailors from across the nation!

Thanks for finding us here on the internet. If you sail or own a San Juan 21 we want you to join us in the association. The Resources button above will take you to additonal web resources for our Class and related web pages!

The Beginning

In 1971, the San Juan 21 Class Association was formed in Seattle, Washington. The boat itself is a product of the Seattle-based Clark Boat Company, operated by Bob and Carole Clark and sons.

In the late 60s, it became apparent to the Clarks that there was a niche in the boat market for a lightweight, trailer-based design that could be daysailed and used as a week-end cruiser. They decide to design a boat superior to others in this niche, the San Juan 21. This boat featured a bigger V-berth, an easily stepped rig, and a fully retractable swing keel and kickup rudder. In 1971, the Mark I model was produced in Seattle and an additional facility in New Bern, North Carolina. By 1974, the Mark II model was put into production and more than 2,700 San Juan 21s were subsequently produced by the late 1980s.

You can read more about the San Juan 21 and the history of the Clark Boat Company in Mike Robinson's article "San Juan Sailboats and Clark Boat Company: The Right Place at the Right Time."

The Present

Today, the National Association is one of the most active one-design keelboat associations in North America. Membership in the association numbers 400+ sailors from all parts of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Association boasts fleets organized into three regions, East, Midwest, and West with the largest membership concentration in the northwest and southeast portions of the country. A Regional Championship regatta is hosted annually in each region, one of which becomes the North American Championship on a rotating basis.

San Juan 21s are available today with prices for used boats ranging from $1,500.00 to $5,000.00.

The Beginnings of a Class Association & Boat Registry

An effort is underway to provide more information about our boats and the class association membership. While association membership records are current, there are a number of primarily outdated resources of boats and ownership. This part of the website is under development with the following goals:

  • Current Class Association membership list
  • Online Class Association initial membership and membership renewal
  • San Juan 21 boat and fleet information
Click on one of the following links to view what's in our database thus far:

Class Association membership list including member name, sail #, and renewal status

Soon this will allow you to renew your membership online.

San Juan 21 boat registry including sail #, boat name, and owner information

This information was taken from Brian Larson's registry, however, it hasn't been updated Since May, 2008. Soon there will be a mechanism for people to verify information or provide corrections as needed.

Former Champions

National championships are held each year in each of the Eastern, Midwest, and Western regions. Each year, on a rotating bases, one of these regattas is designated the North American Championships. Congratulations to all our champions!

A Bunch of San Juan 21s

As you might imagine, keeping track of all these boats is an impossible task but we'll be trying to build and maintain as complete a list as possible. To start things off, here's a table of (mostly) sail numbers/boat names taken from a Yahoo San Juan 21 Group maintained by Burt Revell. Below is his current list (hover over the number to see a small photo) - thanks Burt for allowing us to use this information!

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San Juan 21 National Association Forum

Thanks to Tom Dyll, we now have a forum! While you can read the forum without registering, we're sure you'll want to sign up so you can tell others about your boat, post your cruising & racing experiences, and pass on sage advice about how you've tricked out your weekend warrior.

Registration is easy

  1. Click the button to go to the forum
  2. Click the Register link
  3. Agree to the terms - yeah it's a bit to read, but they're pretty tame
  4. Fill out and submit the registration form

That's it! Due to recent "forum attacks," you'll need to wait a bit for me to approve your request. I'll do that as quickly as possible and once I do, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to activate your forum membership. Click the link, log in using the credentials you provided, and start posting!