National Events

2018 San Juan 21 North American Championship
July 19-21, 2018 - Coos Bay Yacht Club, Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon

Fleet 43 is pleased to invite all San Juan 21 sailors to the 2018 North American Championship on Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon. This will be the 9th Sane Juan 21 National Event held at hte Coos Bay Yacht Club. The Club has a long San Juan 21 tradition and always puts on a terrific event. Check back here often for all the latest regatta information.

Questions? Contact Tom Kyle of Fleet 43.

2017 San Juan 21 North American Championship
September 2-3, 2017 - Lake Norman Yacht Club, Mooresville, NC

Congratulations to David Parshall (All Sails) and Joe Waters (Working Sails) - your 2017 North American Champions! Click here (then click on RESULTS POSTED) for the complete results.

2016 San Juan 21 North American Championship
July 7 - 10, 2016 - Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, Brooks, Alberta Canada

Congratulations to Bob Abelin (All Sails) and Hans Lassen (Working Sails) - your 2016 North American Champions! Click here for the complete results.

2015 San Juan 21 North American Championship

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Congratulations to Justin Chambers (All Sails) and Joe Waters (Working Sails) - your new 2015 North American Champions!

()=throw out, f=DNF, c=DNC, t=TLE, s=DNS

2014 San Juan 21 North American Championships

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Congratulations to Bob Abelin (All Sails) and Rob Anderson (Working Sales), your 2014 North American Champions. The wind and the weather in Oak Harbor/Penn Cove were fantastic and the view was spectacular ... especially on Saturday when our 23 San Juan 21s were joined by 19 San Juan 24s for a total of 42 Clark-built boats!

Special thanks to the SJ24 organizing team - Dave, Denise, Shannon, Eric, and others really did much of the "heavy lifting" to help make the entire event a huge success.

Photographs of the regatta are now available for viewing and purchase. Our professional photographer Steve Wolff got a bunch of really great shots including water-level start line photos!

View photos (slideshow) Day 1 (21s only) Day 2 (21s & 24s) Day 3 (24s only)
Purchase photos Day 1 (21s only) Day 2 (21s & 24s) Day 3 (24s only)

Here are the full results for our fleets ...

2013 San Juan 21 North American Championship

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The results are in!

Congratulations to Justin Chambers (All Sails) and Joe Waters (Working Sails), your San Juan 21 North American Champions for 2013. Huge thanks to Dick Dommel and all the volunteers as Columbia Sailing Club for hosting a fantastic weekend. Full results are below - if you've got a story to tell, put it in the forum so all can see!

2012 San Juan 21 North American Championship

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The 2012 San Juan 21 North American Championship Regatta was held at Huntington Lake, CA on July 19, 20 & 21, 2012. Reports from the regatta indicated (very) strong winds and a whole lot of exciting sailing. Congratulations to Jerry Hansen (all sails) and Sean Randle (working sails), your 2012 North American Champions! See below for Jon Richards' race recap ... and an account of the capsizing of The Great Dane from Jorgen Clausen!

2012 SJ 21 North Americans at Huntington Lake, California Feature Strong Winds and a "Turtled" SJ21!

This year's SJ21 North Americans in California were not for the faint of heart! Five mile long Huntington Lake, 7000 feet high in the Sierras above Fresno is known for its reliable and considerable winds; however, competitors on 20 and 21 July perhaps got more than they bargained for!

Sailing in the 3-day regatta commenced on Thursday, the 19th, with the traditional practice race. The day started uncharacteristically for the mountain location with grey skies and drizzle; however, by early afternoon the sun had appeared and with it light to moderate (5-12 mph) winds. Eight of the 15 registered boats had a chance to experience the lake and the 6.2 mile course covering a part of the lake.

As it turned out, the strong winds were lying in wait for the first day of official racing on Friday. The day dawned clear and bright with the tranquility of the dark blue surface of the lake along with the forested mtn slopes set against the light blue skies obscuring the sailing and racing excitement that would come later. A skippers' meeting at 10am was followed by white flag for all-sails at 11 am in order to accommodate the three scheduled races for the day that would be sailed over 10 possible courses ranging from 5.0 to 10.2 miles in length.

For the first race the winds were moderate in the range of 5 to 15 mph, but obviously building as the day's heat increased in the San Joaquin Valley some miles below to the west. Racing was spirted in both the all-sails with 9 boats competing as well as the working sails (starting 5 minutes after the all-sails) with 6 boats. The pattern was set in race 1 with Jerry Hansen (#503), the eventual all-sails champion, holding off Ruth Barcus (#103) and Jorgen Clausen (#966) for first place. Of note is that all 3 sailors were from the host Fresno fleet #5. Also worthy of mention is that Jerry had previously won the Western Region title in 1991, 1999, 2001, and 2007. This year, sailing with his grandson Brian, he was probably due once again for a win!

Competition in the all-sails racing throughout the two day event was very tight as second place finisher, Bill Parsons (#1032) would hold off Jorgen Clausen, Wayne Alto (#965), and Rodney Hansen (#73) who all finished deadlocked with 23 points a piece for the 5 races. (Trophies were subsequently allocated based on best individual race finishes.)The 20-time Western Region winners, the Barcus' would end up a point back in 6th with 24 points, however the latter suffered broken equipment and had a DNS in the fifth and final race.

Meantime, In working sails, the battle between 3-time former Western region champion Tom Mills (#678) and 2011 defending Western Region champion (and also Mills' nephew), Sean Randle (#1515), both sailors from the Coos Bay (Oregon) fleet #43, was shaping up in the inaugural race. Tom and his crew of daughter, Laura, would win that first race (as well as the second) on their way to an overall second place for the weekend. Sean and his wife, Jessica, would come back strong on the second day of racing to win the final 3 races (of five in total) and lock up the 2012 Working Sails National Championship. No result was easily attained however as places were back and forth (particularly with the first two boats but also including the 3rd place overall finisher) throughout the approximately 9 or 10 miles sailed in each race. In the meantime, 3-time former Western Region champion Tom Kyle (#876), also of the Coos Bay fleet, would finish an overall 3rd after finishing 2nd in the final two races topping off third place finishes in the 3 initial races of the regatta. Fourth place was handily secured by the 4th Coos Bay Fleet #43 sailor, 2006 Western Region winner Jon Richards, who finished in 4th place in 4 of the 5 races.

It was the second race of (3 scheduled) on Friday that provided the most excitement of the regatta. The winds had built to approximately 15 mph (with sustained gusts on the middle and lower section of the lake near 30 mph) such that for some crews some time was spent sailing/racing and some time was spent surviving! On the long initial 4 to 5 mile windward leg, former National Commodore Wes Vaughn and his crew of partner, Mary, had to retire due to a broken shroud. Soon after, on the long spinnaker run for the all-sails boats from the windward mark, boat #966, sailing in first place with spinnaker flying was caught by a gust and capsized sending the 3 Scandinavian-descent crew of Jorgen, Jens, and Roger into the cold lake water. The boat proceeded to go keel up before it was secured and towed to the docks by the barge from a nearby Boy Scout camp. Two of the crew had jumped clear while the third resurfaced from below the boat. After up to 30 minutes in the water with the boat, all 3 were pulled from the water and were safe and without injury (although cold)! (See postscript for skipper Jorgen Clausen's quick initial observations on the circumstances surrounding the capsizing.)

With 3 boats disabled (Vaughn, Clausen, and Mills, the latter which also suffered a broken shroud),…and with the winds continuing to blow quite strong…, the remaining sailors voted, not unanimously, to postpone the 3rd race scheduled for the day until the following day (Saturday) when 3 races would be sailed.

On the second day of racing, the initial white flag for all-sails was once again at 11 am in order to accommodate 3 additional races. Conditions on the water appeared to be developing in the same pattern as the day prior's challenging conditions, so although all registered boats were once again on the water (including the capsized boat of Clausen along with 2 of the 3 original crew and one replacement!), the anxiety level of sailors was somewhat heightened.

As the 3 second day races proceeded over courses of 6.2 miles, 7.7 miles, and 6.2 miles (subsequently shortened to 3.5 miles due to lateness), the winds did continue to build but only into the approx 15-22 mph range such that the extreme conditions of the day before were not repeated. The final race was terminated early at the 3rd (of 5) mark in order to allow sailors to stow their boats and equipment prior to the final evening dinner/program to be held in the Lakeshore Lodge.

Getting off the water on the last day introduces the topic of "shore-side activities." Upon arrival on the Wednesday evening, Fleet #5 hosted a hamburger cookout at the lakeside cabin of All-sails sailor, Kirk Thorburn (#500). Thursday evening, the Barcus family hosted their traditional smoked tri-tip dinner at their beautiful cabin overlooking the lake and race course. On the Friday evening, a Mullighan stew dinner was held for sailors, once again on the lakeshore, at the campsite of all-sails Fleet #5 sailor Rodney and Missy Hansen (#73).This night the conversation centered around Jorgen Clausen, his crew, and the excitement involving the earlier capsizing of #966. Jorgen, to his credit, was very upbeat and said he was ready to sail the following day…hopefully with a dried-out boat!

Saturday's dinner in the historic and rustic wood lodge featured a meal of chicken picatta, prime rib, vegetables, salad, and cake prepared by the lodge staff. Beautiful gift baskets of local produce (Many of Fresno fleet #5 sailors are directly involved, or have close connections, to the nut, fruit, and wine industries of California) were provided to visiting sailors. Awards were presented to the top finishers in each division; and regatta organizers were recognized and thanked.

Fleet #5 once again produced an excellent SJ21 National Regatta. For those who were able to participate, it was an excellent sailing and racing experience. It would of course have been nice to have had more competitors; however that is a challenge to be worked upon for next year's Western Nationals to be held at Coos Bay (Oregon)Yacht Club, another popular West Coast sailing venue, from August 1-3, 2013 [note date change].

Submitted by Jon Richards, Past National Commodore

The Great Dane SJ21#966 regarding the July 20, 2012 capsizing

"As to why The Great Dane went over is not clear. A gust threw the boat over rather fast and hard. (The spinnaker was up) We have been over before so we waited and were surprised when the mast and sails continued to go down. When all you could see of the boat were the keel and the bottom Jens and I got hold of the keel and slowly it came over on the other side but we could only get the mast head three-four feet out of the water. The spinnaker was hanging on.

The crew were never in danger but we new when it was time to get out. By then the Boy Scout Transport boat had a line tied to our bow and they slowly pulled it to our docks. I sent them a long letter of thanks. A chase boat and a pontoon boat were there almost immediately. The only damage was a broken spinnaker pole. Lost the motor and a few tools. All sails were in good shape so we borrowed a pole from Scott and we were on our way again. Seen back, in that kind of weather (though we didn't know it was) we should have closed the companionway and the cabin would not have filled up so fast. It may then have come back up.

Maybe we will try it some day; then again, maybe not, once is enough!"

Comments from Jorgen Clausen, skipper

2011 San Juan 21 North American Championship - Results

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Congratulations to Dan Bornarth (all sails) and Hans Lassen (working sales) - 2011 San Juan 21 North American Champions! See below for LuAnn Perins' race recap.

Regatta Results

Working Sails:
  1. Hans Lassen, Road Runner
  2. Doug Longhini, Kanga
  3. Kyle Everly, Dat Dang Boat
  4. Bill McClure, Thistledown
  5. Mike Chesser, Scuba Cat
All Sails:
  1. Dan Bornarth, Black Jack
  2. Fisk Hayden, Ole Yeller
  3. Branin Thorn, No Quarter
  4. Mike Evans, Joyride
  5. Jeff Thomas, Duct Tape

We had 21 boats compete in the 2011 North American Championships. Three boats came up from Fleet 54 in Florida, three boats came from Virginia, two boats from Lake Norman in Western NC, one boat (Dick Dommel) that came up from South Carolina, and one couple (Chris and Chris Popich) came in from Seattle and chartered a local boat. There were nine boats in All Sails and twelve in Working Sails.

We had big breeze on the first day. We started the first race in about 12 - 15, with gusts and shifts through 15 degrees. As the afternoon heated up the breeze built to about 18 with gusts to 20+. We got in 4 races; one triangle/W/L, one triple W/L, one double W/L, and one single W/L. The racing was tight, with no single boat completely dominating. There was a bit of gear busting and a lot of keel exposure in roll outs, but no minor injuries other than bruises. Even Judy on Don Juan survived a swim. The final downwind leg to the finish was quite exciting, with one Working Sails boat reporting over 9 knots of boatspeed as he surfed toward the finish. We had clean racing, with no protests in any of the races.

Saturday the breeze was in a more fickle mood. The race committee fired the first signal promptly at 11:00, but abandoned the race after a few minutes due to a huge shift. The breeze then died, and tried to fill alternately from pretty much every point of the compass. We drifted in postponement until almost 1:30, but it was obvious that we wouldn't get a settled breeze of any amount to set a course in, so racing was abandoned for the day.

- LuAnn Perins

2010 San Juan 21 North American Championship

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Congratulations to Bob Abelin (all sails) and Oscar Barney (working sales) - 2010 San Juan 21 North American Champions! Read Bob Ablein's recap of the event including photos and regatta results.

Regatta Results

Western Regional Events

2017 San Juan 21 Western Nationals - Huntington Lake, California

Congratulations to Ruth Barcus (All Sails) and Chris Gedrose (Working Sails) - your 2017 Western Nationals Champions!

Questions about the event? Please contact:
Ruth Barcus
32376 Lodge Road
Tollhouse, CA 93667
PH: 559-855-8877 (Home); 559-307-8285 (Cell)

Minutes from the San Juan 21 Western Nationals

Location: Huntington lake, California

Skippers present:

Sean RandleScott RandleTom KyleChris Gedrose
Tom MillsJerry HansenRuth BarcusKirk Thorburn
Waine AaltoPeter ReynaudSteen SkuellerupJorgen Clausen
Bill ParsonsRod HansenTriston Hansen
And a host of additional family and crew members for each boat.

Meeting began at 7:10pm, brought to order by Western Vice Commodore Sean Randle.

Business (new and otherwise):

  • Association monies available as of this date: $10,046.04.
  • There was some discussion regarding Canada and South Carolina and the North Americans.
  • Coos Bay has volunteered to host the North Americans in 2018. Dates are tentatively set for 7/27-7/28, 2018.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Submitted by: Missy Hansen (worker bee)

2015 San Juan 21 Western National Championship
Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Congratulations to Chris Lemke (All Sails) and Bob Abelin (Working Sails) - your new 2015 Western National Champions!
Click here for Bob Abelin's write-up on the racing in Klamath Falls.

2013 San Juan 21 Western National Championship
August 1-3, 2013 — Tenmile Lake, Oregon

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Six All Sails and eighteen Working Sails skippers/crews competed in two days of sunshine and great (and for us non-Tenmile Lake-ers, challengingly shifty) wind. Congratulations to Ruth Barcus (All Sails) and Sean Randle (Working Sails), your San Juan 21 Western National Champions for 2013 (sound familiar?). Huge thanks to everyone from the Coos Bay Yacht Club for hosting a fantastic weekend at this great venue. (It's worth the trip just for the salmon dinner on Saturday!) Full results are below with more information and photos to follow. If you've got a story to tell, please post it to the forum so all can see!

Click here for a few photos taken at the event.

Event Summary

Thanks to Jon Richards for providing some details of the event. Read more ...

2011 San Juan 21 Western Nationals - Tenmile Lake, Oregon

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Congratulations to Ruth Barcus (All Sails) and Sean Randle (Working Sails) - 2011 Western Nationals Champions! We had two fantastic days of sailing with very brisk winds on day 1 and slightly less tiring ones on day 2. Great sailing, a fantastic venue, wonderful food/hospitality from our friends at Coos Bay Yacht Club and Fleet 43, and a whole bunch of San Juan 21 sailors - what more could you ask for? Following are the complete regatta results and an event summary courtesy of John Richards & George Tinker. Click here for a few photos taken at the event.

Working Sails:
  1. Sean Randle
  2. Tom Mills
  3. Mike Rodde
  4. Oscar Barney
  5. Tom Kyle
  6. Jon Richards
  7. Scott Randle
  8. Wes Vaughn
  9. Craig Main

  1. Hank Erbele
  2. George Tinker
  3. Richard Rudder
  4. Scott Laroy
  5. Tom McAndrew
  6. Martha Alexander
  7. C. Brown
  8. Dirk Snyder
  9. Brian Gumbs
All Sails:
  1. Ruth Barcus
  2. Chris Popich
  3. Mike Dukes
  4. Kirk Thorburn
  5. Elliot Crowder

Event Summary

Fleet 43 of the Coos Bay Yacht Club (CBYC) hosted the 2011 SJ21 Western Nationals that were held from 21-23 July at Tenmile Lake on the southern Oregon coast. The event brought together competitors from the western states of Washington, California, and Oregon as well as several visiting sailors from Florida and North Carolina.

A total of 23 boats competed in the two classes of racing, all-sails and working sails. The former had 5 boats racing primarily from two fleets, Fleet 1 from the Seattle area and Fleet 5 from the vicinity of Fresno, California. These boats competed with spinnaker, jib sail and main sail. The working sails class consisted of 18 boats sailing with a standard jib and main sail.

On the initial day following the launching of visiting boats a "tune-up race" was sailed in the sunny late afternoon of a beautiful coastal day. Steady winds of approximately 12 to 14 mph gave the racers a chance to guage their boats, the winds, and the competition. The race of approximately an hour and fifteen minutes was followed by a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, accompaniments, and the usual beverages speckled by talk of sailing and the two days of racing to follow.

On Friday, after a hearty pancake and sausage breakfast, the noon skippers' meeting was followed by 3 races starting soon after 1 pm in strong NNW winds of 17-19 mph with gusts of up to 30 mph developing as the afternoon progressed. (It was fairly typical "Coos Bay sailing"...strong winds and sudden shifts caused by coastal winds coming over the nearby hills...of course allowing local sailors to benefit from their "homefield advantage!") The three races of approximately 1 hour each resulted in standings for both fleets that stayed pretty much intact through the second day of racing (see below). Following the racing, the sailors were able to sooth the sore muscles and bodies with socializing and a lasagna dinner hosted by the local fleet. After dinner the annual class meeting was held.

Saturday dawned clear with winds gradually building in the late morning. After an ample break fast in the Coos Bay Yacht Club's clubhouse in an idyllic setting on a hill overlooking the lake and race course, a rather short skippers' meeting served to clarify several issues that had arisen on the first day of sailing. The sailors then took to the water to sail the final two races both of whcih were sailed on long courses of approximately an hour and a quarter each. The length of the races, along with the wind shifts, provided sailors with opportunities to overcome minor tactical errors. However, not much leeway existed as competition was very intense in both classes in so far as quite a number of the racers were very experienced small boat sailors who had won numerous regional or national events either in SJ21's or other classes of boats.

The traditional Coos Bay Yacht Club salmon dinner in the evening was followed by the awards presentation. In the working sails competition of the 18 boats racing, local boats took five of the top six places. Of the top 6 places, including this year's winner, all except one had previously won the SJ21 W Nationals working sails division (at least once) and that one competitor who had not, Mike Rodde of British Columbia, was a frequent winner of regional and national competitions in another class of boat.

Working Sails results for the postions that received trophies are as follows...

  • 1st Place - Sean Randle of CBYC with crew (wife) Jessica Randle
  • 2nd Place - Tom Mills of CBYC with crew (daughter) Laura Mills of Bellingham, Washington
  • 3rd Place - Mike Rodde of Abbetsford, British Columbia and crew Carrie O'Bryan of CBYC
  • 4th Place - Oscar Barney of Portland (defending champion,CBYC, and Hobart College sailing) with crew (father) John Barney
  • 5th Place - Tom Kyle of CBYC with crew Dannett Johnson of CBYC
  • 6th Place - Jon Richards of CBYC with crew (wife) Kathy Richards

All Sails results are as follows...

  • 1st Place - Ruth Barcus of Fresno Yacht Club and crew (husband) Scott Barcus and Peter Berneau (The Barcus' are frequent winners with 21 regional (or national) championship trophies in this class)
  • 2nd Place - Chris Popich of Fleet 1; Seattle, Washington and crew (wife) Chris
  • 3rd Place - Mike Dukes of Fleet 1; Auburn, Washington and crew Kris Barker, Seattle

The annual sailing event on the West Coast was enhanced by having represented current Eastern Vice-Commodore Margaret Alexander of North Carolina as well as Carlton (Eastern Vice-Commodore-elect) and Aggie Brown from Florida. The latter chartered a local boat while Margaret skippered with a local CBYC sailor, Perry Wickham.

The 2012 SJ21 western competition will also serve as the SJ21 Nationals and will be held on the comparable weekend in July 2012 (specific dates TBA) at Huntington Lake in California and will be hosted by Fleet 5. This lake which is situated in the Sierras above Fresno is one of the favorite sailing locations of western SJ21 sailors and has been the site of numerous Western Regional competitions in the past. It promises to be an excellent event with great sailing and enjoyable off-water activities.

- Submitted by Jon Richards (CBYC and SJ21 Class Assn National Commodore) and George Tinker (CBYC Fleet 43 Captain)

Other Western Regional Events

2017 Midwest Regional Events

These Central States Sailing Regattas and Yacht Club regattas have SJ21 participation. The 3 in June, July and August have the largest turnout.

April 22-23Dogwood RegattaTsa La Gi Y.C.Tulsa OK
May 20-21Windycrest InvitationalWindycrest Sailing ClubTulsa OK
June 24-25Lighthouse RegattaOklahoma City Boat ClubOklahoma City OK
July 15-16Whitecap RegattaNinnescah Sailing AssnWichita KS
September 2-3Commodores CupPerry YCTopeka KS
October 21-22Frostbite RegattaTsa La Gi Y.C.Tulsa OK

Eastern Regional Events

2016 San Juan 21 Eastern Championship - Rescheduled
November 12-13, 2016 — Lake Norman, North Carolina

The rescheduled Eastern Championship will be conducted as part of the 26th Annual Caroline Keelboat One Design Regatta, November 12 & 13, 2016 on Lake Norman, hosted by the Lake Normal Yacht Club. Check out the LNYC website for the NOR. For additional information including registration and regatta schedule, check out the Regatta Network page for this event.

San Juan 21 2014 Eastern National Regatta — Results

Hosted by Lake Norman Yacht Club & Fleet 38
August 29-31, 2014

Want more details on the race? Check out Mike Robinson's posting on the forum!

Minutes of 2014 San Juan 21 Eastern Nationals National Meeting
Place: Lake Norman Yacht Club (clubhouse second floor)
Date/Time: 30 August 2014 @ 1025

  1. Meeting called to order.
  2. Quorum of registered Class Assn members was verified.
  3. From previous minutes there was no "old business" to consider.
  4. By previous notice, "new business" items were to be submitted by 7 August 2014 to permit publication and discussion before the National Meeting. There were no "new business" items submitted to the E. Commodore for inclusion on the agenda, therefore, no “new business” was presented.
  5. No new nominations were presented for the position of the next Eastern Commodore who takes over on 1 January 2015.

    The nomination of Doug Longhini ( was voted on and was agreed to by acclimation.
  6. The Commodore announced that Fleet #8 of Blackbeard Sailing Club, New Bern, NC will be hosting the 2015 SJ 21 North Americans on 10-14 June 2015. Planning is underway to make it a great event.
  7. Regarding future Eastern National events. It was recommended by the E. Commodore that bids for future events should be submitted and approved by the Exec Committee so at the next National event the next year’s venue and date could be announced to allow plenty of time for the host and competitors to plan for the event.
  8. Fleets should be organizing to bid for these dates:
    2016 Eastern Nat’ls.
    2017 North Americans (includes Eastern Nat’ls.)
    2018 Eastern Nat’ls.
  9. The meeting was adjourned at 1035.

Minutes submitted by:
Eastern Commodore Richard Dommel
2 September 2014

San Juan 21 Class
2010 Eastern National Regatta — Results

July 8 - 11, 2010
Lake Carlyle, Illinois

(show regatta)

San Juan 21 Fleet 48 and the National San Juan 21 Class Association together with the Carlyle Sailing Association are pleased to announce the results of the recently concluded Eastern Championship Regatta.

For more information, contact Calvin Guthrie at 618.910.2164 or by email at