San Juan 21 Class Ruling - Loose Footed Mainsail

Mike Chesser, Chief Measurer - 12/20/10

There has been a great deal of discussion through the years on the issue of whether a loose footed main should be allowed. Proponents of the loose foot main prefer the ease of installation of the sail on the boom. The majority of opponents to the loose foot main are concerned with the potential for an unregulated foot dimension resulting in increased sail area.

In discussion with several of the Class’s sail makers, it is clear that the costs associated with fabrication of a loose foot main will not be any more than the current boltrope main. Likewise, it is clear that there is no compromise to the boom integrity with a loose foot main in use compared to the standard boltrope foot main. There are neither identifiable competitive advantages, nor disadvantages associated with use of a loose foot mainsail. Furthermore, after considering the typical dimensions of the foot shelf commonly found on the boltrope mains, it appears that the class can easily control the sail area with an easily measured foot roach dimension.

Therefore, I am recommending to the Executive Committee that the Class modify the Class Specifications, Section 3.5, Article V: Sails, 2.0 Mainsail, to allow the use of a loose foot main with appropriate changes to also control the foot roach. Attachment of the mainsail to the mast will remain the same for either type sail. Attachment to the boom for the boltrope foot main will remain as currently defined. Attachment to the boom for the loose foot main shall be by way of the existing tack pin and slug attached to the clew of the mainsail. Maximum Foot Roach shall be 4 inches.

Click here to view a revision-marked copy of Section 3.5.

3.5 Article V: Sails.
  1. General: San Juan 21's may carry mainsail, jib, genoa, and spinnaker, as shown in the sail plan and as herein specified when racing in Class Association races. Only two suits of working sails with genoa and spinnaker will be approved for use by a contestant in National Regattas.
  2. Mainsail:
    1. The luff of the mainsail shall be attached to the mast and boom by arrangement of its boltrope (or slugs attached thereto) in the grooves of the spars. Loose-footed mains are prohibited allowed. The foot of the mainsail shall be attached to the boom by either its boltrope in the grooves of the spar, or if loose-footed, by the tack-pin at the tack and a slug at the clew.
    2. Luff and foot measurements shall be controlled by the band system.
    3. Sail measurements shall be made with sufficient tension to draw the cloth smooth and taut. The leech chord, measured from the aft corner of the headboard, shall not exceed 24 feet 6 inches. The girth, is measured at 90 degrees to the luff chord, at 6 feet 0 inches, and 12 feet 0 inches down from the head. At 6 feet 0 inches down from the head, the girth will not exceed 3 feet 11 inches. At 12 feet 0 inches down from the head, the girth will not exceed 6 feet 3 inches. All measurements will include the boltrope. Maximum foot roach is 4 inches.
    4. Battens shall divide the leech chord into equal sections with 2-inch tolerance to avoid seams on all but the top batten. The aft top corner of the top batten pocket will be a minimum of 56 inches from the aft corner of the headboard. Maximum batten lengths are: upper - 24 inches, two middle and lower - 36 inches.
    5. Hollows in leech between battens are not to exceed 3/4 inches in roach.
    6. Headboards shall be triangular, with the upper side of the triangle not exceeding 4 inches in length.
    7. The mainsail shall be made of 3.5 oz. or heavier woven material. Mylar or other film construction is prohibited.
    8. A Cunningham or sail control grommet is permitted.
    9. A reefing zipper on the mainsail is not permitted to be used while racing. Roller, slab or jiffy reefing is allowed.
    10. Windows in the mainsail are permitted.

San Juan 21 Association Class Rules

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San Juan 21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The San Juan Executive Committee meets via conference call every two months (or so) to discuss the current state of the Class Association and where we are going. Minutes of those meetings are now published after approval. If you have any questions/comments, please don't hesitate to contact one of the committee members. (Click on a date to show/hide the minutes for that meeting.)

October 2, 2014, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Attending: Dick Dommel, Doug Longhini, Kris Barker, Jon Richards

  1. National Comodore Report (Jon Richards)
    Acknowledged that a working quorum was not present however due to lengthy. Hence, the meeting will serve as an update and discussion of pertinent topics.
  2. Secretary-Treasurer
    In absence of a report by Chris (not on call), a pair of questions were raised:
    1. Wwith respect to membership, how are we actually doing on renewals of existing members? The question always raises the question from members of "what value do I receive for my membership?" Other than the usual reasons (maintain one-design, organize national regattas, provide networking, maintain website as a valuable information resource, etc), the matter of other "values" is a discussion topic. One comment was that the provision of a membership card as well as a boatsticker (ie such as J24 Class) may be a benefit?
    2. Doug mentioned an effective communication tool utilized by Blackbeard Sailing Club - "Regatta Network" - which also provides online regatta registration, etc. Kris will look into further.
  3. Class Measurer
    In Mike’s absence, no report.
  4. Eastern Vice Commodore (Doug Longhini, 2015 and Dick Dommel 2014)
    1. The 2015 SJ21 North American Championship will be held at Blackbeard Sailing Club; New Bern, North Carolina in June. (Note. Mailchimp communication being used for preliminary notice of race.)
    2. Dick referenced his report (in his newsletter) of the minutes of the Eastern Region Nat'l Meeting.
  5. Midwestern Vice Commodore
    No Report, Jay not on call.
  6. Western Vice-Commodore
    Jon reported in Sean’s absence. The focus of the report was on regatta planning
    1. 2015 Western Regional Regatta to be held at Klamath Yacht Club in Klamath Falls, Oregon in June 2015. Early plans are in progress; NOR posted to website.
    2. It was noted that the 2 major Class regatttas (Nationals in the Eastern region at Blackbeard and the Western Regional at Klamath Falls) are scheduled for the same June weekend in 2015 - this emphasizes the need for better advance planning. Sailors are probibited from sailing in both.
    3. 2016 Initial interest has been expressed in hosting the Nationals that year by both Fleet 28 of Lake Cranmore, near to Calgary in Alberta (hence an "international" event) as well as Fleet 5 of Fresno (sailing at Huntington Lake). Initial conversations have occurred at this point.
  7. Communications/Website (Kris Barker)
    1. The continuing issue of a current boat registry was discussed - Bill Pritchard of Fleet in Nelson, BC has had on-going interest and communicated with Kris on the idea. Kris discussed the issues involved - access, maintenance, etc. Kris will proceed on the matter in conjunction with Bill. Discussed value added to website with current registry.
    2. The tremendous resource of the former website "SJ Harbor" was mentioned. The participants on the call gave the go ahead to make the information available on the Class website.
  8. Old Business
    Updated drawings, specifications - In Mike’s absence, deferred.
  9. New Business
    1. Boat Sponsorship
      This issue has been raised by a SJ21 sailor who is a sailing instructor and wishes to have his business have sponsorship on his SJ21 and also wishes to sail in a national regatta. The question as to whether this is permissible arose. With the considerable input on other examples, other fleets, etc from Dick Dommel, Eastern VC, a discussion ensued. It was agreed that sponsorship does currently happen and is ok; however sailing a boat in a national regatta with sponsorship information is another matter. It is not allowed and would be permitted only by approval of the regatta organizing committee. Jon will followup with the sailor who posed the question.
    2. Officers for 2015 - It is timely to consider officers for 2015
      Vice Commodores
      East - has been elected - Doug Longhini
      West - has been elected - Sean Randle
      Midwest - continues to be Jay Sawyer (election?)
      National Commodore - discussed, Jon volunteered to serve again, ok’d
      Secretary-Treasurer, Class Measurer, Communications Dir, Website Mgr - all appointed by the National Commodore and are continuing (thanks!)
  10. The next meeting will be the week of 10 November, 2014. Jon will solicit availability of members.
Meeting was adjourned at about 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Richards
Natl Commodore 2014
SJ21 Class Assn
June 3, 2014, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Attending: Bob Abelin, Past NC; Mike Chesser, Chief Measurer; Chris Popich, Sec-Treas; Vice Commodores Dick Dommel (East) and Jay Sawyer (Midwest); Website Mgr Kris Barker; and NC Jon Richards.

  1. Some confusion on dial-in number. Delayed start to mtg.
  2. The agenda was amended to move Kris Barker's report to earlier on the agenda.
  3. Minutes from 4–2-14 mtg were approved.
  4. Website Mgr Report (KrisB)
    1. Exec Comm Mtg minutes are now being put on the website once they have been viewed and amended as needed by committee (but prior to official committee approval; the rationale is to get them posted sooner).
    2. An update of the boat registry was discussed. The merits of such a project were discussed. No decision was taken. Action item. Kris B will outline the issues involved in expending the time and effort to update the registry and send it to Exec Comm members prior to next mtg to serve as a guide for discussion.
  5. Sec-Treas Rpt (ChrisP)
    1. Balance of $9392.96
    2. 133 Members (14 taking advantage of fee waiver to new members)
      This compares to 101 members at the end of 2013.
    3. Budget issue - this refers to a request last month to discuss what the class association should do with the money it takes in. The merits of a budget will be addressed at a future mtg.
  6. Chief Measurer Rpt (Mike)
    1. Mike C and Chris P will dialogue off-line re the status of updated drawings.
    2. Mike updated on Eastern Region (Pending Dick D joining the call - see below).
  7. Regional Reports
    1. Midwest (Jay - Midwest VC)
      • Jay reported that first Midwest regatta will be in June in Oklahoma City. It is hoped that there will be 5-7 SJ21’s at this large regatta.
      • Subsequent regattas for SJ 21’s will be in July and Aug ... information is on the class website.
    2. West (Chris & Kris - Fleet 1)
      • North Americans (NA) scheduled for June 19-21 in Oak Harbor, Wa are in final stages of planning/preparation.
      • NOOD Regatta in May had 7 SJ21’s. (Skippers were advised that if they had to make a choice between NOOD and NA’s to choose the latter.)
    3. East (Mike - Chief Measurer & Dick - East VC)
      • Pending regattas
        • 2014 Eastern Regional SJ21 Regetta to be held Labor Day Wkend at Lake Norman. 15-20-plus boats anticipated.
        • Other pending regattas for SJ21’s pending in summer 2014
          Lake Murray, SC - early autumn
          Fishing Bay - 75th Anniversary Regatta - August
      • Fleet status - Charlottesville (one new very active sailor); New Bern and Florida fleets - a bit less travel/racing than previously.
      • Proposal to host 2015 North Americans has been received from the Blackbeard SC of the Neuse Yacht Racing Assn. The tentative scheduled dates are 10-14 June, 2015. Approval to the Eastern Region to host the 2015 event was voted upon at April exec comm mtg.

        Approval - Motion to approve the proposal for Blackbeard by Mike Chesser; second by Kris Barker; discussion, approved.
      • Dick stated that he would like to have subsequent years’ SJ21 Regattas clarified so that clubs in the East could plan, and know, in advance of their selection.
  8. The next meeting will be the 1st or 2nd week of August, 2014. Date TBC.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm PDT / 8:05pm EDT

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Richards
Natl Commodore 2014
SJ21 Class Assn
April 2, 2014, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Attending: Bob Abelin (Past NC), Mike Chesser (Chief Measurer), Chris Popich (Sec-Treas), Dick Dommel (VC East), Jay Sawyer (VC Midwest), Sean Randle (VC West), Kris Barker (Website Mgr), Jon Richards (NC)

  1. Minutes from 2-12-14 mtg were referred to (no discussion, approval
  2. Natl Commodore -- Jon Richards
    Reference to not locating 2-12 minutes
  3. Sec-Treas -- Chris Popich (also see separate report)
    67 paid members for 2014, including 4 new (fee waived)
  4. Chief Measurer -- Mike Chesser
    1. Clarification of policy re shipping costs for class scale - costs are to be paid for shipping both directions (to and from Mike) for usage.
    2. Individual in eastern US is mfg rudders and tillers; needs specs. Raised the issue of updated drawings - Mike and Chris P will coordinate.
    3. No other issues have arisen.
  5. VC Reports
    1. West -- Sean Randel
      1. NOOD Seattle is 16-18 May; SJ21's to participate.
      2. SJ21 North Americans scheduled for 19-21 June, hosted by Oak Harbor YC, Washington (In cong with SJ24 Natls). Sponsors have logos listed on class site.
      3. Discssion re sponsor visibility policy; decided to defer setting a policy to see what issues arise. In meantime at Mike's suggestion it was agreed that NO sponsors will be given an exclusive arrangement.
    2. East -- Dick Dommel
      1. Reported on email communications direct to sailors. Also mentioned were recent regattas with SJ21's participating at Lake Norman, New Bern, and Lake Monroe. 2014 Eastern Natl Regatta will be held at Lake Norman.
      2. Indicated that a request had been received from New Bern YC to host the 2015 SJ21 North Americans. (Jay Sawyer indicated that the Midwest was not prepared at this time to host a North American championship and therefore deferred to the Eastern region.) A motion from Jay to hold the 2015 North American Championship in the eastern region was seconded by Dick Dommel. The motion passed unanimously.
    3. Midwest -- Jay Sawyer
      1. Indicated that the region is thin with SJ21 active sailors/ racers with only 4 or 5 boats/crews active. He would like a list of paid class members from the Midwest so that he can follow-up.
    4. Website Mgr -- Kris Barker
      1. Configuring handbook components on the website so that latest version of each can be printed (as requested) without printing the entire handbook and with knowledge that each is current. (See 02/10/2014 minutes for more details.)
      2. Mentioned issue (to be discussed later) as to what member contact info should be accessible on the website as it is public.
    5. Old Business re: handbook, sponsorships, e-commerce covered above.
    6. New Business
      1. Boat Measurement form - this document created by Dick Dommel (and sent to exec comm) will be a part of the Specifications and will be included in that section of the handbook.
      2. Dick Dommel brought up question of Assn budget. This topic will be discussed at a subsequent mtg.
      3. Fleet listings. Chris Popich requested Eastern fleet list. Kris Barker requested updated fleet captn contact info from each of V-C's.
    7. Next mtg - first 10 days of June, 2014 (TBD)
    Meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm PDT / 8:20pm EDT

    Respectfully submitted,
    Jon Richards
    Natl Commodore 2014
    SJ21 Class Assn
February 12, 2014, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Attending: Chris Popich, Kris Barker, Calvin Guthrie, RL (Dick) Dommel, Bob Abelin, Jon Richards

  1. Past NC -- Bob Abelin, reviewed 2013 major issue including completion of Const/ByLaws update and approval.
  2. Sec-Treas -- Chris Popich reported
    1. 28 members have renewed for 2014
    2. currently $7832 in class acct (all outstnding bills have been pd)
    3. above amt includes $500 set aside for maintenance/rplcmt of class scale (discussed shipping expenses in genl)
    4. membership development - a major issue, priority
      1. Agreed that we would offer free membership to new class assn members thru April 2014 as a pilot prgrm
      2. Action - Kris B will post this info on the class website
      3. Action - Exec Comm members will get this info out to fleet captains to inform "21" sailors in their areas
      4. Dick will include this info in his mailing to his list
    5. membership perks - class burgees, membership cards, caps, etc. - this issue was deferred
  3. Chief Measurer -- In the absence of CM Mike Chesser, it was reported that Mike had forwarded all of the digital information that he had with respect to current drawings to Chris Popich (who may have a CAD resource/sailor, Jim Miller) and Kris Barker with the intent of getting all info into an appropriate format and on to the website.
    Action - Chris will liase with Mike and Kris to move forward on getting drawings in appropriate form onto the website.
  4. Vice Commodore Reports
    1. Eastern VC - RL/Dick Dommel
      1. Dick discussed his email list. (NC Note. No action, but we need further discussion on this item w/ respect to class communication.)
      2. Eastern Nationals will be held at Lake Norman YC (North Carolina) from 30-31 August 2014 Mike Robinson is the regatta chair.
    2. Western VC - in absence of VC Sean Randle, it was mentioned that Western Nationals/North Americans for 2014 will be held from 19-21 June 2014 at the Oak Harbor YC on Whidbey Island, Washington in conjunction with the SJ24 National Regatta. Regatta chairpersons are Kris Barker and Christian Lamp.
    3. Midwestern VC - vacant
      Action - Chris Popich indicated he would get in contact with longtime SJ21 sailor (and former VC), Jay Sawyer in Nebraska to find out the status of the Midwestern SJ21 sailors and sailing events.
  5. Communications -- Kris Barker (webmaster)
    1. In respect to our changing, evolving needs for effective communications and how, where, and what form individuals can access the Class "base information" of Constitution, ByLaws, Boat specifications, class history, etc., Kris proposed the following:
      1. Create 4 separate documents:
        1. Constitution (this is already done)
        2. By-laws (this is already done)
        3. Specifications and Drawings (current Handbook sections 3 & 4) - needs updating
        4. Class History - maybe an intro to the class and the officers, regatta winner information
      2. Publish all 4 as separate PDF documents for anyone who wants them that way
      3. Build a new Class Handbook that includes all 4 of the above - this can be done dynamically so when one is updated, the handbook update just happens
    2. This ensures that they are kept in sync (only one source for any given content) but still available in a single "compiled" handbook format. It also gives us flexibility of having some docs that require full membership change approval vs. ones that only require exec committee or whatever.
      (I know that the Constitution & By-laws require full membership approval. What about the Specs and Drawings? Seems like that's the case there as well, or at least indirectly given the vote on the loose footed main. I assume the class history stuff shouldn't require formal "approval.")
      Action - the Exec Comm members have been asked for approval by email.
    3. For the good of the order
      Sponsorships - Kris Barker, 2014 Natl Regatta Co-Chair, asked that for this year (pending development of a formal policy) that the Exec Comm approve the listing on the class website of the logo/information of regatta event sponsors.
      Approved by the Exec Comm
    4. Next meeting -- TBD, first two weeks of April, early in the week. (Information to be conveyed to members).
    Meeting was adjourned at 5:25pm PST / 8:25pm EST

    Respectfully submitted,
    Jon Richards
    Natl Commodore 2014
    SJ21 Class Assn

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